Meet Your Cookier!

Founder and Cookie Artist Stephanie Urlando.

Hello! I’m Stephanie Urlando, owner and “She.E.O” of Little Rose Cookie Co.

My baking journey began in my childhood, learning the skill from relatives and baking shows, and I knew from a very young age that I would grow up to be an entrepreneur. Over the years, I had worked multiple jobs at a time in the food industry, (working in a bakery as a pastry decorator, as a customer service rep. at at a family owned grocery store, as a bartender, the list goes on), so showing care through the art of food and good customer service became something I loved and was good at. A true ‘people person’, I treasured building rapport, being helpful, and making connections in my community, which is a big part of the way I run my business today.

My journey with sugar cookies started when I made some as party favours for my baby shower when I was pregnant with my first daughter, Juliana Rose. Although I had no intention of starting a cookie business, posting them on social media caused word of my sugar cookies to spread, and one person after another requested custom cookies to be made for their own events. So with some faith in my dream, the creation of my Instagram account where I shared both my business and personal journey, many sleepless nights with a toddler and a newborn baby (with the birth of my second daughter Lillian Marie), and lots of support from family and friends, Little Rose Cookie Co. was born in 2017! Roses represent my deep love for family; they are my symbol of connection to my grandfather who had passed away with whom I was very close, and Rose is my daughter’s middle name. 

Three years later in early March 2020, as a single mom under 30, I proudly opened Little Rose Cookie Co.’s first brick and mortar location in the heart of Mississauga, in the small village of Streetsville. I wanted to be able to offer cookies for walk-in purchase for last minute events, in addition to custom orders. COVID had forced us to close to the public only ten days after our grand opening, but we remained resilient and hopeful, and joyfully opened again in July 2020.

My vision for this shop was formed with the intention of creating community, inclusivity and a warm, welcoming space; a place for everyone to find delicious treats that are made with love and care, just like in the days when I baked from my home kitchen. I believe in fair pay for my coworkers, offering more plant-based options and sustainable packaging, donating to causes to strengthen my community, and encouraging other women and people to chase their dreams fiercely. I truly believe with effort, energy, faith and love, anything is possible.

Thank you for supporting my business! I sincerely hope you can feel the love that these cookies were made with, and that you enjoy every bite!

Why Custom Cookies?

In this day and age custom gifts are on the rise, as opposed to 'cookie-cutter' (no pun intended), generic gifts. People want something unique and one-of-a-kind to give their loved ones. Our cookie creations definitely cater to this trend, and those who are gifted our cookies can truly feel the thoughtfulness that each order is made with. It's our mission to bring joy through beautifully designed cookies! In addition to our renowned sugar cookies, we also offer gift boxes, cookie cakes, cookie trays and other fun products that you can conveniently purchase through our website. Gifting options can also be customized with phrases, logos, ribbons and tags for a personalized flare!